Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn

Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn - Your business has to engage potential clients here. Let LIMA handle your Social Media Marketing!


Social Media Marketing

Social media is changing the way you do business. Customers are using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus to find the products and services they need. Building your online community and connecting thousands of customers with your brand is what creates new leads and builds your business! We will create a social media strategy that is specific to your business.

Facebook Marketing

We begin by creating a Facebook Page (business profile) that helps to attract fans, create polls, post events and develop interactive applications to encourage fan participation. We will then post daily content, which will to build your brand and convert fans into customers. 

Twitter Marketing

Twitter has changed the way that customers communicate with companies on the web. You can promote new deals and events in real-time, by posting product updates, updating clients on current information or making suggestions and sharing information of interest with followers. We will build your follower base, engage with clients and prospects and promote your brand online. 

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is an amazing resource that lets you grow your network and establish yourself as an industry leader. Businesses everywhere are now using LinkedIn to actually increase sales! Business partnerships can be vital to the health of your business, and LinkedIn is a great place to establish these partnerships. We will help find these potential partners for you, as well as build the relationship between your business and these potential partners.