Google Plus is the hub for all of Google's other arenas, and you need to get your circles in order. Don't know what a circle is? Call us now!


Google Plus Marketing

Since its launch in June 2011, Google+ has already become the fastest growing social network in modern history. In fact, it is not just a social network, it is the bridge between search and social media. It will change how people find your business. In 2013, Google+ is more important than ever.

LIMA will also incorporate your Google+ strategy into your Google+ Local marketing. Google+ Local used to be known as Google Places, and is the combination of Google Search, Google Maps & Google+ Social.

Let us optimize yout Google+ Local profile so you receive maximum SEO benefits – If you have more than one location, we will create separate profiles for each of your business locations. Since Google gives priority to its own pages first, Google+ Local is indexed thoroughly for accurate results.

Reviews are incredibly important when it comes to appealing to individuals along with search engines. Therefore, the more positive reviews, the better in increasing company credibility. User-uploaded information about your business, such as photos, favorite specials and décor are encouraged to further create a digital brand experience for potential customers.

Many people are still skeptical about joining Google Plus especially businesses that have already invested significant time and money building their networks on Facebook and Twitter. There are now over 500 million users on Google Plus and growing. It is also interesting to note that Google Plus active users spend about 60 minutes a day on the social platform. This is clearly not a platform that can be ignored any longer.

If you are a business owner or a marketing practitioner, here are five benefits you can reap by being active on Google Plus:

You Can Claim Authorship of  Your Content

The biggest advantage of doing this is if people search for a particular content, your Google Plus profile will be displayed including your photos and a brief description of who you are. If they like your content, there is a high probability people will add you to their circles to allow them to receive updates from you or your business. This will also make people more likely to click on your link, even if it is not #1.

Your Business Can Be Found Locally – 

If you have a brick and mortar shop, creating a Google Plus account will help users discover your business through Google + Local.  Google Plus Local pages are indexed in Google Search results so when people search for places to eat or buy products and services, they can easily see reviews and recommendations from people who have experienced your service or product in the past. You really missing out on a valuable promotional opportunity if your competitor’s product or service is available on Google + Local an yours is not. Make sure you include all the pertinent information about your business to get the most out of this feature.

You Can Receive Feedback About Your Service or Product Easily 

Google Plus launched Communities to allow businesses to reach out and directly solicit feedback from customers or potential clients in a meaningful way. Private and public communities can be created where businesses can post photos and videos about their service, products and industry news members can earn from, interact with and share with friends and family.

Google Plus Influences Your Search Ranking 

Have you ever tried searching for your name or business name on Google search? You should be doing this too to monitor what is being said about your brand or business. If you search for a topic on Google search, you will notice if that brand has a Google Plus page and that page will be highlighted in a big box on the right side of the search page. This is known as the “Knowledge Graph”, and it offers searchers an amazing amount of information about your business.