Local SEO

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Local SEO

Your customers don’t use paper phone books anymore – they use the Internet. Did you know that there are nearly 2 billion online local searches performed every month? You want to make sure your business is involved in those searches. That’s where Local SEO comes into play.

Local SEO can bring customers within miles of your business’s location directly to you and you can circumvent the ‘global market’ for search results. If your business caters directly to a geographical group of people or could potentially cater to a group, there are a few tips to stick to:

1. Get Listed in Every Directory You Can

With local SEO, it is extremely important to become listed as much as possible in local directories. Think of each search directory like a separate listing in your regional telephone book. This allows people who are specifically looking for a type of service that you offer in their area to be found quickly, easily and without effort.

2. Get Involved Locally

The more you show your presence online to a regional group of people, the more they’ll talk about your business and website. Getting involved with a community also means that Google’s local results are likely to rank you much higher if you have a few other prerequisites listed here done properly.

3. Get Listed on Google Places

There’s nothing quite like getting your business or website listed on Google Places. It’s a free way for businesses to list themselves. In short it allows you to list vital contact information like your address, telephone number and website while allowing users to leave reviews. If you’re in a major, highly-populated and competitive locale, you may find ranking in Google Places just as hard as ranking in a search engine. This is a big reason why you want to have LIMA on your side!

4. Give Your Users a Reason to Leave Positive Reviews

A few positive reviews can greatly increase your chances of being chosen by a prospective client over another listing with no reviews. It also helps your ranking and placement with your Google Places page. You can offer your clients a discount on services for leaving a review, or just ask them. However you do it, the important thing is for you to get your clients involved.

5. ‘Localize’ Your Url

Whether it is making a page that specifically has your chosen location in the URL, a sub-domain that works separately for your customers in that area, adding in something specific to your URLs and pages. or even creating an entirely new domain for your customers in your targeted city – these are all effective tactics to getting additional local traction for your business.

6. Put Your Address On Every Page of Your Website

Your address is important and it should be on all pages of your website to re-enforce your geographic location. You also want to make sure your address is uniform across all Local Pages. In other words, don’t have “Boulevard” on some pages and “Blvd” on others. Pick one and stick with it. It does make a difference.

7. Multiple Locations Need Multiple Landing Pages

If you have multiple locations, you need to have multiple local listings. You want to also make sure that each location links back to a page on your website that is all about that location and what it has to offer.

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