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You can’t build a website, add music and other content to it and then sit back and expect the traffic to start pouring in. You have to get out there and be active. Sharing on social networking sites is good, but once is never enough. You have to continuously post and promote your content and at different times of the day. You won’t get traffic from just sitting back.

LIMA can help you with daily posts to social networks, as well as promoting shows, release dates and other special events. It is this type of activity that will help you separate your “song” from other artists.

Use Real Words

Many musicians think it’s OK to just post videos or mp3 players on a website and have no real words, but this is extremely bad for SEO. Google can’t read videos and mp3 players. Google can only read words, which means you have to add some content and mix in those keywords your researched where you can.

Many musicians make the mistake of making their entire site in Flash. While these sites look great, they will hurt your SEO tremendously because Google cannot efficiently read either, so your website will just appear empty and you won’t get indexed. No indexing of course means no traffic for you. We can help you make a site that has Flash elements, so it has the flair you are looking for, but is still readable by the search engines.

Analytics and Statistics

We will help keep track of how many people are seeing your site, listening to your songs and clicking through to your special events. This knowledge will help both LIMA and you figure out where your target market is, and how to reach them effectively. For more information on how LIMA can help you, call 858-353-8168 today!