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Social Media is no longer an option - you have to combine it with good SEO tactics to get the best possible results. Call LIMA today!

social-mediaSocial Media

Social Media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites. This can mean a variety of things, as you can share a number of things through Facebook, where as Twitter is designed for short messages.

It has become essential for businesses to participate in Social Media, as search engines are now reading social “signals” and use them in their ranking algorithms. Matt Cutts of Google has even released a video admitting Social Media signals play a role in organic SEO.

Likes, shares, followers, tweets and +1’s all make an impact on your SEO. This makes it very important for your business pages in Social Media to be optimized, and engaging to the people that visit these pages.

Increased inbound links and citations due to improved online visibility/brand awareness – generate new inbound links by improving brand awareness and overall online visibility, and watch your rankings improve!

These sites also give your customers and potential customers a great avenue to discuss your product or service. This will help spread your brand name, and subsequently bring more customers your way. Bottom line, there is no getting around being involved in Social Media.

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