Squeeze Pages

Squeeze pages can be very effective for a number of different purposes. Call LIMA to learn how we apply our "Squeeze Page Strategy"!


Squeeze Pages

A squeeze page, or landing page, can be created for a variety of reasons. You may want to gather names and email addresses of potential customers. You can then use this information to send out offers and information about your business.

You also may have an Exact Match Domain, or “EMD”, with a specific keyword that you want to get some better traction with. Some firms will tell you that EMD’s don’t work anymore – we beg to differ.

You may be involved in affiliate marketing, and want to promote someone else’s product to make money.

Whatever your reasoning, LIMA can make you a very specific, targeted Squeeze Page in no time! Make your potential customer a compelling offer, with relevant content, and your squeeze page will be a great success!

Call LIMA to learn more about our “Squeeze Page Strategy”!